Digitized Burney Periodicals

Handout distributed by Prof. James Tierney (University of Missouri, St. Louis) at the “Bibliography, the ESTC, and 18th-Century Electronic Databases:  A Roundtable” session that took place at the EC/ASECS 2009 conference hosted by Lehigh University and held at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Oct. 8-11, 2009.  N.B. Some of the formatting has been altered; a pdf version will be posted soon that will offer the original layout.


Digitized Periodicals (not “Newspapers”) in the Burney Collection,

Including Note of Some Missing Issues and Their Locations Elsewhere


The Adventurer  1753-1754

The Advocate  Feb 17, 1725

The Anti-Jacobin; or, Weekly Examiner  1797-1798

The Athenian News: or Dunton’s Oracle  1710

The Britain  1713

The British Apollo  1708-1711  (Various issues–Quarterly, Supernumerary, or Curious Amusements—published on variant schedules)

The Briton  1762-1763

The Busy Body  1759

The Censor  1717   Burney lacks 65 of 66 numbers.  Bodleian [Hope fol. 68(6)] has complete run except for Nos. 61 & 64

The Centinel  1757  Burney holds Nos 1-27 of  140 numbers

The Charitable Mercury and Female Intelligence   1716

The Church Man or Loyalist’s Weekly Journal  1726-1727

The Church Man’s Last Shift:  or the Loyalist’s Weekly Journal  1720  Burney holds only Nos 2-4 of 22 numbers; Yale holds 20 of 22 issues

Collection for Improvement of Husbandry and Trade  1692-1703

Compleat Set of St. James Journals  1722-1723

The Connoisseur (collected issues) [1756?]

The Constitutional Guardian  1770

The Con-Test  1756-1757

The Controller  1714-1715

The Country Gentleman  1726  Burney lacks Nos 1-16; 60-84.  Bodleian: (Hope f.70(8) holds additional 11 numbers   

The Covent Garden Journal  1752

The Crab Tree  1757

The Craftsman or Gray’s Inn Journal  1752-1763

The Critick  1718

The Devil  1755    Burney holds 6 of 25 numbers. Bodleian: Hope 8o 895 holds Nos 1-25

The Director  1720-1721  Burney holds only Nos. 1-2 of 30 numbers  Bodleian:  Hope fol.70(15) holds Nos. 1-30

The Diverting Post  1704-1705

The English Examiner  1715

The Englishman  (Supplement, No. 57, Feb 15, 1714)

The Englishman. Being  the Sequel of the Guardian  1713-1714

The Englishman  1715  (ESTC: “resurrected version of Steele’s 1713 periodical”)

The Englishman  1779

The Entertainer  1717-1718   Burney holds only only No. 18 of 43 numbers.  Cambridge University holds Nos 1-43

The Entertainer  1754

The Examiner  1710-n.s. vol 3. 1716

The Examiner or Remarks Upon Papers and Occurrences  1710 (contd. as The Examiner)

The Free Enquirer  1761

The Free Holder  1715-1716

The Free Thinker  1711   Burney holds only Nos. 1 & 4 of 6 numbers.  Bodleian: Nich. newsp. 19c holds Nos 1-6

The Free Thinker, or Essays on Ignorance  1718-1721

The Freeholder’s Journal  1722-1723

The Gray’s Inn Journal  1753-1754

The Grumbler  1715   Burney holds Nos. 29 & 30 of 34 numbers

The Guardian  1713

The Hermit  1711-1712

The History of Cradle Convulsions  1701

The Honest Gentleman  1718-1719   Burney holds only No 17 of 25 numbers.  Bodleian: Hope 71 holds Nos 1-25

The Honest True Briton  1724    Burney holds 9 scattered numbers of 22  numbers

How Do You Do?  1796

The Humanist  1757

The Hyp Doctor  1730-1741   Burney holds only 3 numbers (233-234, 236) of  534 numbers

The Independent Whig  1720-1721

The Inquisitor  1724

The Instructor  1724

The Jacobite’s Journal  1747-1748

The Jesting Astrologer  1701   Burney lacks first 16 numbers (Astrological Observator) and No 18

The Jesuite  1719

Journal de l’Europe  1789

The Literary Courier of Grub Street  1738   Burney holds 3 numbers (5, 18, 20) of  30  numbers. Yale:  Z17 0369L holds Nos. 1-30

The Literary Fly  1779

The Lounger  1785-1787 (Edinburgh)

The Lover  1714   Burney lacks Nos. 29-40 of 40  numbers.  Bodleian: Nich. newsp. Holds Nos 1-40

The Loyal Observator Revived; or Gaylard’s Journal  1722-1723   Burney holds only No. 17 of 33 numbers

The Lying Intelligencer  1763

Man: A Paper for Ennobling the Species  1755

Mercurius Politicus  1716-1720

The Microcosm  1757

The Mirror  1779-1780 

The Mirrour  1719

The Miscellany  1732

The Moderator  1719

The Moderator  1721

The Moderator  1763

The Monitor  1714   Burney holds only 3 numbers (5, 12-13) of 47 numbers

The Monitor  1724

The Monitor or The British Freeholder  1755-1765   Burney lacks at least  last 162 of 504 numbers

The Narrative or the Delightful and Melancholy History of Leucippe  1719

The North Briton  1762-1763

The North Briton  1763-1766  Burney contains only 2 numbers (66 & 81) of 235 numbers of this continuation of The North Briton printed by W. Brooke for E. Sumpter

The North Briton  1768-1769  Burney set combines volumes published by E. Sumpter (1763-1766) and by W. Bingley (1768-1769)

The North Briton  1769  Reprint of 47 numbers (1762-1763), the first 45 of which are of Wilkes original issues.

The Observator  1715

The Observator  1724-1725

The Observator Reviv’d  1707   Burney holds only 1 number (22) of 23 numbers

The Occasional Respondent  1764 (Cambridge)

The Occasional Writer  1762

The Occasionalist  1768

The Old Maid  1755-1756

The Old Whig  1719  (Addison)

The Old Whig: or the Consistent Protestant  1735-1738

Olla Podrida  1787-1788

The Oracle  1754

Pasquin  1722-1724

The Patrician; Being Considerations on the Peerage  1719

The Patriot  1714-1715

The Patriot  1762

The Plain Dealer  1712

The Plain Dealer  1724-1725

The Plebeian  1719

The Prater  1756

The Present State of Europe; or, The Historical and Political Mercury  1690-1738   Burney contains only 6 numbers in Vols. 3,4, 6 of 58 volumes.  Cambridge University holds Vols. 1-32, 35-36

The Prompter  1734-1736   

The Prompter  1789

The Protestant Advocate  1724

The Protestor on Behalf of the People [1753?]

The Publisher  1745

The Rambler  1753 (collection of original 1750-1752 issues)

The Reconciler  1713

The Rehearsal of Observator  Perhaps the reprinted edition of the first volume (1708) of the original 1704-1705  issues

The Remembrancer: or, National Advocate  1751

The Retrospector  1754-1755

A Review of the Affairs of France  1704-1705 (Defoe)

A Review of the Affairs of France (Appendix)  1705 (Defoe)

A Review of the State of the British Nation  1707-1712 (Defoe)

A Review of the State of the British Nation  1707-1712 (Collected edition) (Defoe)

A Review of the State of the English Nation  1706-1707 (Defoe)

The Rhapsody  1712   Burney holds only 1 number (19) of 30 numbers.  Bodleian: Nich. newsp. 20A  holds Nos. 1-20

The Scotchman  1772 (London)

The Scourge, Designed as a Modest Vindication of the Church of England  1717

The Scourge  1771

The Scrutator  1764   Burney holds only 2 numbers (1 & 2) of 38  numbers.  BL:  T929(5) contains Nos. 1-4, 6-9, 11-18

The Seasonable Writer  1727

The Shift Shifted: or Weekly Remarks and Political Reflexions  1716-[1717?]

The Spectator  1711-1712  

The Spectator  1715  Burney holds only one number of the 61 numbers in this spurious continuation of Addison and Steele’s original Spectator 

The Spectator  1716  Not related to Addison and Steele’s original Spectator

The Spectator  1753-1754  Not related to Addison and Steele’s original Spectator

The Spendthrift  1766   Burney lacks Nos. 7, 10, and 16 of 20 numbers.  BL:  90.d. 15 holds Nos. 1-20

A Supplementary Journal to the Advice from the Scandal Club  1704 1705  (Defoe)

The Tatler  1709-1711   (Addison and Steele’s original)

The Tatler  1711  (Morphew’s continuation)

The Tatler  1711  (Baldwin’s continuation)

The Tatler  1753-1754  (Not related to Addison and Steele’s original Tatler)

The Tea-Table  1724  

Terrae Filius  March 15, 1764

Terrae Filius  March 16, 1764

Terrae Filius  1721    Burney contains only 1 number (30) of 52 numbers

Terrae Filius Extraordinary  1764

The Test   1756-1757

The Theatre  1720  (Steele)

The Theatrical Monitor or Stage Management and Green Door Laid Open  1767

The Tomahawk or Censor General  1795-1796

The Traiteur  1780-1781

The True Briton  1723-1724

The True Patriot : and History of Our Own Times  1745-1746

The Tuner  [1769?]

The Universal Journal  1723-1724

The Universal Spectator and Weekly Journal  1728-1746  Burney lacks scattered numbers throughout 907 numbers

The Visiter  1723-1724

The Weekly Entertainment  1700

The Weekly History or An Account of the Most Remarkable Particulars Relating to the Present Progress of the Gospel   1741-1742

The Weekly Medley or the Gentleman’s Recreation  1718-1720  Burney holds Nos. 70-79 of 79 numbers

The Weekly Miscellany  1701

The Weekly Miscellany  1732-1741   

The Weekly Oracle: or Universal Library  1734-1737   Burney lacks Nos 11-108 of 108 numbers

Weekly Remarks and Political Reflections  1715-1716  

A Weekly Review of the Affairs of France  1704  (Defoe)

The Whipping Post  1705   Burney holds only No. 17 of  20 numbers.  Boston Public Library *XDefoe 30.705.A10W2.  Nos 1-20

The Whisperer  1770-1772

The World  1753-1756

Yorkshire Freeholder  1780  Burney holds Nos 1-11 of 20 numbers.  Bodleian:  Nos. 1-19




Duplication of Titles in Digitized Burney Collection

Although Charles Burney’s Collection and the British Library’s possession of it far predate the various modern digitized series that have come on the market in the last decade, nonetheless the digitized Burney collection duplicates many titles found in these later series. Because a few series are still in progress, the following statistics can only be tentative.


Adam Matthew Publications:    

    Eighteenth Century Journals I    (digital)    22 titles

    Eighteenth Century Journals II (digital)     17 titles

    Eighteenth Century Journals III (digital)     2 titles


    British Periodical Collection 1 & 2  (digital)                                                     19 titles 

                                            60 duplicated titles



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