Free Access to the Women Writers Online for March

EMOB is following its tradition of announcing free access to WWO for the month of March. The announcement comes from Sarah Connell, Assistant Director of the W0men Writers Project, and this access is a good follow-up to the previous post on Erasures, Recoveries, and the Futures of Women’s Book History :

Women Writers Online ( will once again be free during March, in celebration of Women’s History Month. This collection includes almost 400 texts written and translated by women, first published between 1526 and 1850. For more information on getting started with WWO, please see this post ( on our blog.
In addition to WWO, we also have several publications that are always open-access, including:
  • Women Writers in Review: a collection of almost 700 reviews of and responses to works by the authors in WWO. WWiR is linked with WWO, so that readers can easily navigate between both collections.
  • Women Writers in Context: a collection of essays exploring topics related to early women’s writing. WWiC provides core background information for the texts in WWO and WWiR, while highlighting shared themes and historical interconnections and helping readers to discover new works by women writers.
  • Teaching materials: We have recently begun an initiative to partner with faculty on developing assignments and activities using WWO and WWiR. You’ll find more information on our teaching partner program, along with an initial set of assignments here:
Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about WWO or any of the Women Writers Project’s publications.
We hope that you enjoy these collections!
All my best,
Sarah Connell
Assistant Director
Women Writers Project
Northeastern University

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