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New! EEBO Interactions

April 5, 2010

The announcement below is just in from Jo-Anne Hogan at ProQuest:

EEBO Interactions:

A social network for Early English Books Online

ProQuest is delighted to announce the launch of EEBO Interactions, a social network for Early English Books Online (EEBO).  EEBO Interactions allows its registered users to:

·         comment upon works and authors in EEBO

·         debate issues connected with early printed books

·         correct and improve existing attribution and dating information

·         highlight and review new scholarship

·         ask teaching and research questions

·         share knowledge

·         analyse texts

·         link to related resources on the web and

·         interact with other EEBO users around the world

EEBO Interactions aims to provide scholars with new ways of engaging with EEBO and with the community of early modernists who use EEBO in teaching and research, providing a forum for the discussion of works and authors found in the database.   Registered users can share commentary, queries, contextual material and links relating to works and authors represented in EEBO, and edit and expand upon existing contributions by other contributors.

Direct messaging between participants is also supported.

The EEBO Interactions site itself is freely accessible and can be consulted by all users of the internet. The ability to interact with the resource – to add, edit and/or delete submissions – is restricted to its registered users. Registration is open to all authenticated EEBO users and to other scholars on application to the EEBO Interactions webmaster. Moderation of the content of the EEBO Interactions resource is undertaken by a team of independent editors, and will occur after submissions are posted.  If you are interested in becoming an editor for EEBO Interactions, please contact us at

A number of EMOB readers acted as advisors on this project and we would like to thank you for your feedback and suggestions.  We are hoping that EEBO Interactions will help to address some of the issues raised in the recent ASECS roundtable by providing a forum for scholars to interact with the database and each other.