Conference to Launch of Digital Miscellanies Index, a New Resource


On 17 September 2013, St. Peter’s College Oxford will host a one-day conference, “A Miscellany of Miscellanies: Popular Poetic Collections and the Eighteenth Century Canon” and an evening performance of eighteenth-century music to launch the Digital Miscellanies Index.

This Leverhulme-funded index was three years in the making. Its publication will make freely available 1,000 poetic miscellanies published during the eighteenth century. The Index adds to the porjects hosted by Bodleian’s Centre for the Study of the Book. The Bodleian Library’s Harding Collection, “which houses the most significant but largely neglected group of miscellanies in the world,” contains the majority of the miscellanies, but the project also contains data about copies held at the British Library and the Cambridge Library. The project developers based their work on Professor Michael Suarez, S.J.’s recent bibliography of eighteenth-century poetic miscellanies.

Dr. Abigail Williams (St. Peter’s College Oxford) is the Index’s principal investigator. Some EMOB readers may have heard Dr. Jennifer Batt, DMI’s post-doctoral project coordinator, speak about this exciting project at past American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies conferences. As the DMI website notes, “In displaying this material for the first time, the Index will enable users to map the changing nature of literary taste in the eighteenth century.”

We look forward to the availability of the Digital Miscellanies Index and to hearing the experiences of EMOB readers using this new resource.


4 Responses to “Conference to Launch of Digital Miscellanies Index, a New Resource”

  1. shgregg Says:

    This is a must-go-to! See also my review of the Digital Miscellanies panel at BSECS 2013:


    • Anna Battigelli Says:

      Thanks for this illuminating review! I also found the DM blog helpful for understanding this project. It provides an account of the composition of miscellanies–and of this database.


    • Eleanor Shevlin Says:

      Yes, Stephen, many thanks for this quite interesting review. I was particularly interested to learn of the last-will-and-testament genre discussed by Adam Brigden.

      As for more information, the DMI website has a useful introduction to Miscellanies & 18th Century Print Culture.


  2. pozdRaf Says:

    Reblogged this on Filologia cyfrowa :: Mediewistyka 2.0.


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