Free Access to Orlando during the Month of March


In honor of Women’s History month, Cambridge University Press’s Orlando: Women’s Writings in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present is offering free access during March. Orlando “provides entries on authors’ lives and writing careers, contextual material, timelines, sets of internal links, and bibliographies. Interacting with these materials creates a dynamic inquiry from any number of perspectives into centuries of women’s writing.”

To gain access, the login is womenshistory2013, and the password is Orlando.


2 Responses to “Free Access to Orlando during the Month of March”

  1. Anna Battigelli Says:

    Women Writers Online is also available throughout March. See

    These are two great resources.


  2. Eleanor Shevlin Says:

    Thanks for noting the free access to WWO, too. These are both valuable tools on several fronts.


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