Finding English Verse, 1650-1800


The following announcement comes from James Woolley, English, Lafayette College:

A revised and enlarged checklist of first-line indexes and fully searchable texts is available here.

Since last report (August 2010), quite a bit has happened. The Union First Line Index of English Verse has expanded significantly; it now includes, in addition to manuscript verse, printed verse 1603-1710, with more additions promised. We have a new index of Gentleman’s Magazine verse. Other big projects are announced in this update of the checklist as well. For a clue about what’s new, see the update history, p. 22.

Prof. Woolley would like to be apprised of news that ought to be mentioned in the checklist, or errors that ought to be corrected.

2 Responses to “Finding English Verse, 1650-1800”

  1. shgregg Says:

    This is an excellent piece. For a review of the Digital Miscellenies Project, a forthcoming first-line index project mentioned in James Woolley’s checklist, see my blog post on digitalhumanistbeginner:


  2. Anna Battigelli Says:

    By including resources such as the UC Santa Barbara English Broadside Ballad (EBBA), this index helps make up for categories of material, such as broadside ballads, often missing in large digital resources such as EEBO. It would be great if there were a smooth way to add missing material to EEBO.

    I hope to write a post about EEBA in early February.


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