Making Use of EEBO Interactions


We have discussed EEBO Interactions frequently on emob.   EEBO Interactions is an innovative digital networking space within EEBO that allows for bibliographical and critical dialogue.  Its twin goals are attractive: EI facilitates discussion between readers and EI editors; it also allows readers to talk directly to one another within EI.  When the editors recently asked me to serve as an editor for EI, it seemed like an opportunity to help expand that dialogue.

Before accepting the appointment, I made clear my commitment to emob, and to its frank and candid assessment of digital resources, including EEBO.  Once I realized the editors had no problem with that, I gladly agreed to serve as an editor.  The new digital universe requires dialogue between commercial and scholarly interests: emob fosters such discussion; EEBO Interactions provides a second and different kind of forum for such dialogue.

I hope some of you will consider taking a look at EEBO Interactions and perhaps even experiment with becoming contributorsI also look forward to ongoing discussions of EI on emob and to hearing suggestions from you about the potential of this promising academic network and ways it might  best be put to use.

5 Responses to “Making Use of EEBO Interactions”

  1. Jennifer Forsyth Says:

    Congratulations! I’m delighted to hear that somebody whose integrity and insights I’ve come to respect through this blog (even if you wouldn’t have known because I mostly lurk) is going to be both continuing to contribute to the conversation and getting recognized for those contributions. I look forward to hearing more.


  2. Eleanor Shevlin Says:

    Let me second, Jennifer’s congratulations, Anna. I think that your participation in EEBO Interactions will help encourage its use and advance the dialogue. And you certainly deserve the recognition.



  3. Dave Mazella Says:

    I think this is a great idea. Both EMOB and EEBO Interactions stand to gain from this collaboration. Best, Dave


  4. Anna Battigelli Says:

    Thanks, Jennifer, Eleanor, and Dave, for your kind words. Now the question is how can this innovative social media be put to use?

    It seems to me that EI falls somewhere between a listserv and formal correspondence. A listserv might be a good place for initial conversational queries regarding bibliographical or archival material or interpretive questions. Once an essay or chapter is fully drafted, sending it to a scholar for review is appropriate. But in between these two states, EI might be a good place to float ideas and post queries regarding specific texts.

    EI uses Drupal as its open-source content management platform. Would it help if there were space on EI for a threaded forum, where comments and responses could be posted just as they are on blogs? Are there other ways in which EI’s technological design might facilitate its use?


  5. rrhumanist Says:

    Sorry for the late post–this is wonderful news, Anna. I agree that a listserv would be a great starting point for discussion.

    Threaded forums are also a good way to generate conversations. The only problem with them is that they can quickly ramify–especially with EEBO”s level of traffic. The forum discussions often become ungainly as a record and thus difficult to navigate through. I’m afraid that I can’t propose a solution at the moment, but I’ll be following EI with interest.


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