Collaborative Review Announcement: Stephen Karian’s Jonathan Swift in Print and Manuscript to be reviewed July 25, 2010


Mark your calendars!  We are in the process of inviting scholars to take part in a collaborative review of Stephen Karian’s Jonathan Swift in Print and Manuscript (Cambridge, 2010).  One scholar will post about one of Steve’s chapters every day or so, beginning July 25.  Comments to the posts are encouraged.

Much as I love printed books, the internet seems to provide the better forum for book reviews.  Net reviews are timely, and they allow for dialogue in a way that print cannot.  Ever since a panel discussion on book reviews chaired by Jim May at MWASECS in 2005, I have been thinking that we should properly review books on the Net.  Dave Mazella led the way on the Long Eighteenth with his “collaborative readings.”  Dave also suggested that we review Steve’s book on emob.  So here we are.

The scholars participating in the review so far are listed below.

  • Dave Mazella (University of Houston) Chapter 1 “Print Publication”
  • Eleanor Shevlin (West Chester University) Chapter 2 “Manuscript Circulation through 1714”
  • Ashley Marshall (Johns Hopkins University) Chapter 3 “Manuscript Circulation after 1714”
  • Randy Robertson (Susquehanna University) Chapter 4 “Censorship and Revision in ‘On Poetry: A Rhapsody'”
  • Al Coppola (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) Chapter 5 “The Texts and Contexts of ‘The Legion Club'”
  • David Brewer (Ohio State University) Chapter 6 “The authorial strategies and material texts of ‘Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift'”
  • Eleanor Shevlin (West Chester University) Conclusion

Again, we welcome contributions from readers.

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