Histories of Reading/Reading Processes conference at Columbia U.


Ade1a has just informed us about this timely 18th century conference taking place at Columbia U. on the 16th of October, featuring a keynote by Matthew Kirschenbaum (U Maryland), talks by Columbia faculty and grad students, and special sessions on EEBO and ECCO.   She hopes that NY-area 18c scholars will come, and that those who cannot visit, will visit the blog and post questions.  I’m looking forward to hearing more about the conversations that take place there.



3 Responses to “Histories of Reading/Reading Processes conference at Columbia U.”

  1. Anna Battigelli Says:

    Nick Poyntz has two articles, accessible electronically, on
    this topic. Also, the NYTimes has an interesting column on electronic vs. paper reading. These items can be found on our bibliography or in the comments to the bibliography.

    Sounds like an interesting conference!


  2. ade1a Says:

    Thank you, Anna, for these great suggestions! I will pass them on to our conference organizers and attendants! Best, AR.


  3. Dave Mazella Says:

    Hi Adela,

    I tried to post this onto the conference page, but it kept rejecting me. In any case, here are two questions I’d love to hear discussed at some point:

    1. If we assume that categories like author, genre, or period are simply conventions used for organizing information, how will these new tools force a rethinking of these terms? Are there any signs this is already happening?

    2. What possibilities for collaboration and/or pedagogy do these new tools make possible?

    Enjoy your conference. This is one of these moments when I really do wish I was back in NYC. DM


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