my new Jane Austen course: UPDATE


Since Anna requested this, I’m letting people take a peek at my course-blog syllabus for my Jane Austen and the Undergraduate Novel Course for the next few days; I’ll have to shut down access after then, as soon as students begin having their discussions.  I’m still working on the blog, but the The syllabus and resource page will should give you at least an idea of what I’m up to.  I expect I’ll build some of the Burney assignments into their weekly blogging assignment.

Any thoughts, suggestions?



3 Responses to “my new Jane Austen course: UPDATE”

  1. Eleanor Shevlin Says:


    I resisted using Blackboard for a long time–but I now do. One can place videos, images, mp3s, YouTube, etc. on Blackboard (I believe Blackboard and Angel have now merged). I typically have all the external links and word documents open up in an independent window. One could still use WordPress for the blog site (I agree–it is a more pleasing look) by placing the WordPress URL for the blog on Blackboard, and students could either access it that way or independently of Blackboard–they could have the option.

    For the BBC audios, I gave the URLS rather than mp3 files because I also use the comments pages and resources that appear. Often we have read essays or chapters from the commentators who appear on the show–and that’s an extra plus, too.

    Here’s a list of shows that one might wish to use in a course addressing the long 18th century:

    In Our Time – hosted by Melvyn Bragg
    BBC Radio 4

    Each program runs about 42 minutes or so; the subject research link (“Find out more about this subject by using our research page”) will take you to “Further Reading” (and often includes links as well as print). At the bottom of each program description are comments about the show by everyday listeners.

    The Trial of Charles I – the original courtroom drama
    Original Broadcast date: 4 June 2009

    A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift – 18th century satire gets close to the bone
    Original Broadcast date: 29 January 2009

    The Great Fire of London – London’s burning, fetch the engines…
    Original Broadcast date: 11 December 2008

    The Social Contract – Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau and the Origins of Society
    Original Broadcast date: 7 February 2008

    Taste – the good, the bad and the ugly in 18th century Britain
    Original Broadcast date: 25 October 2007

    Epistolary Literature – great novels of fictional letters
    Original Broadcast date: 15 March 2007

    Alexander Pope – ‘short is my date, but deathless my renown’
    Original Broadcast date: 9 November 2006

    Catherine the Great – the Enlightened Despot of Eighteenth Century Russia
    Original Broadcast date: 23 February 2006

    Seventeenth Century Print Culture – piety, populism and political protest
    Original Broadcast date: 26 January 2006

    Thomas Hobbes and the political philosophy of ‘Leviathan’
    Original Broadcast date: 1 December 2005

    Samuel Johnson and His Circle – life with the professional man of letters
    Original Broadcast date: 27 October 2005

    The Scriblerus Club – the satirists-in-chief of the 18th century
    Original Broadcast date: 9 June 2005

    Politeness – the great 18th century craze
    Original Broadcast date: 30 September 2004

    George Washington and the American Revolution – the most significant event in history
    Original Broadcast date: 24 June 2004

    The Sublime – defining the state of awe
    Original Broadcast date: 12 February 2004

    The Jacobite Rebellion – could it have succeeded?
    Original Broadcast date: 8 May 2003

    The East India Co – a corporate route to Empire
    Original Broadcast date: 26 June 2003

    The Lunar Society – scientific ferment 200 years ago
    Original Broadcast date: 5 June 2003

    Originality – is it just a romantic notion?
    Original Broadcast date: 20 March 2003

    The Scottish Enlightenment – how enlightened?
    Original Broadcast date: 5 December 2002

    Slavery and empire – were Britons also captives?
    Original Broadcast date: 17 October 2002

    The Grand Tour – what drove this desire for travel?
    Original Broadcast date: 30 May 2002

    John Milton – poet or politician?
    Original Broadcast date: 7 March 2002


  2. Anna Battigelli Says:

    That’s a great list, Eleanor. Thanks! I’m going to see how easily I can integrate URLs onto my Angel/Blackboard site.


  3. Anna Battigelli Says:


    Eleanor and I have drafted a “Preliminary Guide to Using Burney” for students. It can be found on this blog under the “Pages” link. It is an ongoing collaborative project; any and all suggestions are welcome.


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