Update on 18thConnect


Laura Mandell has placed on update on 18thConnect that indicates that an agreement has been reached for 18thConnect to work with Gale. There’s a recorded link to her ALA talk that is not opening for me as well as the following news about a grant the project has received from ICHASS:

18thConnect: From PDF Images to Clean Data Sets, led by the University of Illinois’ Robert Markley, will use supercomputer time to run a parallelized optical character recognition (OCR) program on pages of images of 18th century printed texts, made available through its collaboration with Gale Group. The resulting archive of machine-readable 18th-century texts in history, literature, art, the sciences, and the emerging social sciences will be accessible to scholars for faceted searching, automated semantic tagging, hand encoding of digital scholarly editions, and data mining. By converting a vast archive of images into machine-readable texts, this project will provide a model for adapting OCR programs to field-specific problems that must be solved in order to preserve the full range of our cultural heritage.

I am hoping that Laura and Bob may be able to tell us more.


3 Responses to “Update on 18thConnect”

  1. Anna Battigelli Says:

    This could be a very interesting development. I hope Bob and Laura will tell us more! I also could not get Laura’s ALA power point presentation to work, but I’m sure that will soon be running smoothly.


  2. mandellc Says:

    Dear All:

    The power-point presentation is actually a movie, so you need quicktime, and it’s a BIG movie, so you have to be patient after clicking while it loads up. Please try again at:


    Meantime, I’ll re-record it as two smaller movies, and I’ll let you know when that’s up. Also, see my new blog entry, which is coming!


  3. Eleanor Shevlin Says:

    Hi, Laura

    I do have QuickTime–and it does not seem to be a matter of loading. Rather if one opens this link in quick time, one receives very quickly the “Done” bar–and in the body screen a large square with the “Ximage”.

    Your 18thConnect videos work perfectly, however,


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