Roundtable Discussion at EC/ASECS 2009


EC/ASECS conference, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 8-11 October, 2009, hosted by Lehigh University.

Bibliography, the ESTC, and 18th-Century Electronic Databases:  A Roundtable

 Inspired by James May’s recent essay, “Some Problems in ECCO (and ESTC),” in The Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer (23.1 [Jan. 2009]), this roundtable will examine current bibliographic shortcomings found in ECCO, the Burney Collection of 17th and 18th Century Newspapers and the ESTC and will explore ways that scholars and the managers of such databases could join forces to help solve and improve these tools. Each participant will offer a 5 to 8-minute opening statement, and ample time will be allowed for audience involvement in the discussion. Offering an east coast forum, this roundtable will follow on the heels of a similar roundtable that will be taking place at the Huntington when the International ESTC board meets this September. In addition, “ECCO and EEBO: Some ‘Noisy Feedback’”, an ASECS 2010 roundtable organized by Anna Battigelli, will offer a “part-two” to this EC/ASECS session. 

Chair: Eleanor Shevlin (West Chester University)

Participants: James E. May (Penn State University—DuBois), James Tierney (University of Missouri—St. Louis), David Vander Meulen (University of Virginia), Benjamin Pauley (Eastern Connecticut State University), Brian Geiger (ESTC, University of California, Riverside), Scott Dawson (Cengage-Gale).

This blog, Early Modern Online Bibliography (EMOB), offers an excellent opportunity for exchange and discussion in advance of these roundtables.


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6 Responses to “Roundtable Discussion at EC/ASECS 2009”

  1. Anna Battigelli Says:

    I very much look forward to this extended discussion of online bibliography framed by two sessions, one in October and another in March! It will be interesting to experiment with how a blog can help prepare for conference sessions and link their content. It should also allow for a larger and more inclusive discussion than is often possible at a single session. Thanks, Eleanor!


  2. Eleanor Shevlin Says:

    Absolutely… Anna and I had planned very similar sessions independently, and I was delighted when we discovered we had each done so that Anna was launching a blog to help us along.


  3. Anna Battigelli Says:

    Eleanor, I’m delighted we’re co-hosting this forum. Thanks for your outstanding work enriching this blog.

    I would be interested in hearing a list of topics pertaining to online bibliography that scholars feel to be of pressing interest. The bibliography on this blog provides a range of nicely articulated concerns, from Diana Kuchik’s concerns about the effects of “remediation” on legibility to Jim May’s concerns regarding cataloguing and holdings. Are there other issues we should look at over time?


  4. Dave Mazella Says:

    So how did this go? Will we get to see some version of the panel, or an account of the discussions?



  5. Dave Mazella Says:

    Oops, I got the date wrong, but the question still stands. I hope we’ll hear more about this. DM


  6. Eleanor Shevlin Says:


    I will be posting a full report! Also, I have two participants who should be posting their opening position statements sometime this week–in advance of the conference!



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